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How to create repository in SAP XECM 10.5 Opentext

One of the main benefits of connected content is a complete picture of all the information you need in one place, in a UI that is familiar and easy for you to use.

At OpenText, we like to call it a single source of truth. This single source of truth comes from working in an OpenText Business Workspace. It also has the added benefit of keeping content logically organized, secured and managed according to your corporate policies. Think of a Business Workspace as a place where you have all the pertinent information right in front of you, all gathered together and easily accessible for you to start and complete your critical business operations.

Key customer data is populated from a CRM system see screenshot below and the account team information is also right there from your Microsoft Teams app. Now you know who on the sales account team is responsible for supporting or selling to the customer. All the pertinent sales orders and their corresponding sales contracts are presented right there for you to easily access and find. After you write a follow up email or letter to the customer, you can file it in the correspondence folder for future reference by others on the sales or support team.

OpenText Business Workspaces integrate data from a variety of systems to offer a complete view of a customer, opportunity, asset, project or any business object, in one user-friendly interface.

Integration with SAP allows you to review related data, like customer contracts, orders and deliveries. This seamless connection to your critical enterprise information sources, no matter where they reside, provides you with a degree view of important customer data so you can gain insights, improve productivity and fatten the bottom line. Show More. Chris Sargent Chris Sargent is a software industry executive with over twenty years' experience in helping clients overcome business challenges by using technology.

Having managed OpenText as a partner previously while employed at SAP, and again at Microsoft, he now helps OpenText customers understand how to maximize their investment when combining OpenText with partner solutions. Related Articles. Achieve resilient operations with flawless visibility across the enterprise ecosystem 16 hours ago. How the ethically minded consumer is impacting your bottom line 3 days ago. Close Search for.OpenText Enterprise Content Management ECM Suite is a bundled group of content management software made by Open Text Corporation, whose programs include document management, record management, email management and web content management.

These services serve as the basis of the content managing framework and include programs like OpenText Enterprise Connect, which makes business content accessible through desktop applications; OpenText Enterprise Process Services, a set of business process services that help automate business content; and OpenText Enterprise Library Services, which provide a central repository to enforce and manage crucial information.

See also: enterprise content managemententerprise search. Learn more about this product on the Open Text Corporation website. Please check the box if you want to proceed. Business intelligence is proving to be a critical tool for enterprises as they attempt to survive during the sudden economic Data scientists and data engineers often work together, and sometimes the positions are treated as the same.

Read on to find out With health organizations and business leaders alike trying to minimize the effects of COVID, analytics is playing a critical Open source-based PlanetScaleDB adds support for Microsoft Azure, enabling a multi-cloud database as a service platform that As the coronavirus outbreak disrupts supply chains, manufacturers may increasingly turn to 3D printing to move beyond prototyping Electronic data interchange EDI applies to many different business aspects.

Learn three ways EDI has streamlined supply chain Integrating ERP with other business systems is critical to ensuring organizations are able to access data and streamline This handbook looks at what Oracle Autonomous Database offers to Oracle users and issues that organizations should consider Oracle Autonomous Database can automate routine administrative and operational tasks for DBAs and improve productivity, but Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd's abrupt death at 62 has put the software giant in the position of naming his replacement, and the SAP Business One promises holistic business management software.

Learn more about its advantages and pitfalls, as well as pricing Good database design is a must to meet processing needs in SQL Server systems. In a webinar, consultant Koen Verbeeck offered SQL Server databases can be moved to the Azure cloud in several different ways.

Here's what you'll get from each of the options Related Terms Cloudflare Cloudflare is a content distribution network CDN for the delivery of website and app content to users around the globe. Login Forgot your password? Forgot your password? No problem! Submit your e-mail address below. We'll send you an email containing your password. Your password has been sent to:.

Please create a username to comment. Powered by:. Search Business Analytics Economic downturn shows businesses true value of analytics Business intelligence is proving to be a critical tool for enterprises as they attempt to survive during the sudden economic Key differences of a data scientist vs.When the partnership was established years back, we had agreed on a common positioning and working model and we would like to highlight the core value proposition of the two solutions to make sure, everyone in the community is aware of our current state and our joint offering alignment.

We have teamed up to debunk some of the myths and provide an accurate overview of the compelling benefits of how both solutions complement one another:. SAP xECM by OpenText has its strengths in the management of unstructured information, especially managing business documentation and documents associated with SAP driven business processes. SAP DMS has its strengths when it comes to structured documents, but not limited to the engineering area.

There is no black and white answer and the positioning needs to be decided on a case-by-case basis. We understood that further clarification is required by the community on the strengths of both solutions in the many possible business contexts. To better support you in the future, SAP and OpenText are publishing best practice business use cases to help guide our joint field constituents, customers and prospects on the aligned positioning along our value maps to establish guidelines and assistance in structuring the right solution based on engagement needs.

Answer : Yes.

opentext ecm tutorial

To benefit from the capabilities of both products it is recommended to consider such integrated scenarios when documents are managed in SAP DMS already today. Answer : False. We would like to correct this thinking as we have and will continue to provide you, our customers, with the solutions to make your company a best run company. Answer : SAP DMS is a very mature solution with a very broad user base, a track record of delivering value and the solution continues to get regular development updates.

Easy DMS as a frontend component depends on the underlying Operating system and the respective product version will be released for as long as the latest tested Windows Operating System Version is supported by Microsoft. When a new Windows version becomes available, easy Document Management gets tested and based on the results we will either create a new version or extend the support period accordingly.

Surprising to know that yet there is no change in strategy about this topic since a very long time. If the customer has adopted such mixed solution portfolio, then how will the customer benefit from latest SAP innovations like HANA for unstructured data handling, HCP based document managed system et al?

May be 5 or 8 years ago, both these solutions had very complimenting features. But overtime, the DMS has adopted many competing features. So does it still make sense to position both the solutions? Let me first say that this is NOT a mixed solution portfolio.

As you know S4HANA will have an on-premise version, a public cloud version and a managed cloud version. Hi Pramod. For many of us in SAP this has been a confusing overlap of functionality that was never clearly defined and communicated. This is even more confusing for the customer. I had to stop by the booth and correct them.

A customer should expect a higher level of integration, support and strategic alignment when select any SAP supported solution vs. Good question. We have many customers who want an integration between the two to support a single repository strategy while maintaining the integrity of keepng the contracts in Ariba tied to the Ariba business process.

There are good reasons to add xECM to Ariba for records management but there is no way to have just one or the other if only because the Ariba contract repository is central to the legal compliance on the network while xECM address broader needs but cannot meet the legal requirements inside of the network.

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Product Information.Or see our complete list of local country numbers. Reimagine business through fully digitalized processes and real-time information. Gain a degree view of all information as part of your business processes across departments and office locations.

Streamline IT, cut application and admin costs, and optimize resource consumption. Shorten cycle time by integrating content with transactions and workflows. Reduce regulatory compliance risk by implementing a DoD Enable legacy decommissioning, reduce the size and cost associated with large databases, and achieve regulatory compliance. Transform your business quickly and effectively by taking advantage of our holistic service and support plans, expert consulting services, custom application development, proven best practices, and deep industry and technical knowledge.

Get the support you need to keep your SAP solutions running at peak performance with our IT experts and support services, including long-term plans, embedded teams, remote technology support, self-service portal, and innovation strategies. Focus on your business and customer relationships, while knowing that your data is safe and reliable. With a proactive, predictive approach, SAP helps ensure compliance and data security in the cloud and within an on-premise data center.

Contact Us Call us at. Contact Us E-mail us with comments, questions or feedback. Home Products. Fuel digital innovations with end to end intelligent content management.

opentext ecm tutorial

On-premise and private cloud deployment Process-centric collaboration Content-centric workflow Enterprise archiving and document capture. Read the solution brief. Key Benefits. Previous Next. Learn more benefits for your Intelligent Enterprise. Key Capabilities. Previous Next Process-centric collaboration Integrate with Microsoft Office to support online co-editing, Microsoft Team integration, and more collaboration options Leverage business workspace features to strengthen internal collaboration, ensure accurate information disclosure, and reuse traditional corporate content.

Document management Link any piece of electronic content to business processes to make it easier to find and share content Ensure information accuracy and currency through document version control, access control, and audit trail capabilities Help users find what they need, when they need it.OpenText's comprehensive education programs are designed to meet the needs of all OpenText users.

The goal is to help users develop both the technical know-how and the creative vision it takes to meet their most demanding business challenges. Browse the OpenText Course Catalog with descriptions grouped by products and roles. Validate knowledge and skills with OpenText product and role-based Certification Exams. Accelerate and sustain effective user adoption, resulting in engaged and efficient user communities.

Learn more. Business Network training EnCase and Axcelerate training. The training was very well designed and perfectly executed. My instructor had a lot of real-life examples to share which helped our understanding. Search or register. Reason for Contact.

opentext ecm tutorial

OpenText Professional Services: Learning Services OpenText's comprehensive enablement and learning services programs meet the needs of all types of users, ensuring long-term solution success. Ready to start learning.

OpenText Content Suite (nee Livelink)

Learning Services Portfolio. Self-paced online training Get the training needed when its needed. Certifications Validate knowledge and skills with OpenText product and role-based Certification Exams. User Adoption Services Accelerate and sustain effective user adoption, resulting in engaged and efficient user communities.

New: OpenText Digital Badges! Digital Badges are now available for many OpenText course and certification achievements Learn more. My instructor had a lot of real-life examples to share which helped our understanding Anonymous. Resources Blogs Sharpen your eDiscovery skills at OpenText Enfuse 19 Elevate your data security and investigation potential Become a cybersecurity forensics expert Mobile and wearable device examination Gain certification skills and earn digital badges at Enterprise World 19 Get more value from your software with change management Developing an industry, creating the experts Improving user adoption with the right user experience.In a structured data world, up to one third of all content generated inbound and outbound is unstructured and the volume of content is growing yearly.

Managing and capitalizing on this information is the key to simpler workflows, better decisions, more deeply engaged customers, employees, and partners, and faster results. Digital transformation fundamentally changes the way organizations interact across their ecosystem and conduct internal business operations, but at the heart of any transformation is how digital information is used.

A vital understanding of where and how to deploy an EIM strategy can assist in understanding the business systems that will be affected. OpenText offers the digital content platform to manage and deliver unstructured content to SAP applications, dynamically, in context and on any device. Solutions span the breadth of digital information operations, from compliant content management and archiving to rich, omnichannel customer experiences to supporting connected devices and the Internet of Things.

SAP presents these awards annually to the top partners that have excelled in developing and growing their partnership with SAP and helping customers run better. OpenText Suite for SAP In a structured data world, up to one third of all content generated inbound and outbound is unstructured and the volume of content is growing yearly. SAP Partner.Intuitive digital experiences drive engagement. Engagement in turn drives customer loyalty, productivity, and collaboration. With digital transformation as a key IT mandate, organizations need the right tools to build their new, digital enterprise.

Excel in today's digital enterprise. Cloud, industry, and services expertise is helping organizations. OpenText solutions and services. Calculate your value. As business strives to digitize, data becomes the most valuable. Explore the value gained from InfoArchive. Content management expects options. A complete content strategy: Documentum, Captiva, and. ApplicationXtender technologies are helping transform digital. Home jhawden T What do digital enterprises have in common?

Humanize Digital Experiences People Intuitive digital experiences drive engagement.

opentext ecm tutorial

With OpenText solutions, they were able to provide and share detailed project documentation throughout their entire process, reducing time to deployment, IT support costs and paper waste. OpenText helps Lahey Health with their Electronic Health Records EHR goal of putting all the pertinent information into the hands of the people who need it — clinicians, administrators, and eventually patients to provide the best possible care and overall experience.

OpenText OnDemand service, helps ensure the highest level of application performance and brings great impact to the company's IT organization, resource utilization, and future opportunities.

Use Case Demo: OpenText Extended ECM shares content across MS Office 365, Salesforce, and SAP

Explore Healthcare. In just 9 months, the OpenText Documentum solution provided the New Mexico DOT the ability to migrate 52M records and automate information governance; helping them deliver better systems for their staff and better service to the public. Explore Public Sector. Explore Life Sciences.

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